God: The Father

God is the creator of the heavens and the earth. He is good, loving, kind, compassionate, all-powerful and has the resources to meet every need of our lives (physical, emotional and spiritual). He has eternally existed in three equal personalities: the Father (God), the Son (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit.
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Jesus Christ: Savior, Messiah and Friend

All of Scripture points to the life, ministry, crucifixion, resurrection, ascension to Heaven and return of Jesus. He is the perfect son of God that gave his life as a sacrifice and conquered death, Hell and the grave so that we may know God personally. A relationship with Jesus is God’s only plan for salvation.
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The Holy Spirit: You Are Never Alone

Jesus promised his followers in Matthew 28:20 that he would be with them always through the presence of his Spirit. This promise was powerfully fulfilled in Acts 2. The Holy Spirit is the very power and presence of God that lives in every follower of Jesus. The Holy Spirit gives Christians power over sin, power to live a fruitful life, and power for ministry. The Holy Spirit convicts us of sin, reminds us of God’s righteousness and of the coming day of judgment. The power of the Holy Spirit is evident in our lives via the nine gifts of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23), a greater sense of boldness in our faith and the active power of God at work and on display in our lives. We believe that the gift of speaking in tongues is given to believers as an evidence of being full of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is available to every believer and is beneficial in our daily lives. We are instructed to diligently seek the gifts of the Holy Spirit. (1 Corinthians 12:31, 14:1)
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Salvation: The Good News

Man was created in the image of God, but an act of rebellion caused man to be separated from God and pronounced spiritually dead. God is perfect and the sin of man sin separated humankind from God. That’s the bad part. The reason the Gospel is called “Good News” is because Jesus changed everything when he went to the cross. When he died, our sins died with him. We experience salvation when we believe in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus as the replacement for our sins. Through Jesus, we enjoy a restored relationship with God. Upon salvation, we are immediately called to do all we can to spread the Good News across the world.
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The Bible: The Word of God

The Bible is God’s Word. It is without error, authoritative, and applicable to our lives today. It was written by human authors by the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
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The Church: The Body of Christ

The Church is so much more than a building or a place of worship. It is the people of God, joined together through the unity of the Spirit to accomplish the purposes of God in this world. We are stronger together than we are alone. We are a community of love, generosity, compassion, faith, hope, love, etc. The body of Christ stands united with believers worldwide to honor God by making disciples in every nation.
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Eternity: The End Forever

Eternity will be experienced upon death in one of two places: heaven or hell. Man was created to live forever. To be eternally in relationship with God is Heaven. To be eternally separated from God is Hell. By understanding this reality, our choice on this side of Heaven proves to be incredibly significant. God has given us the choice to reject or accept his gift of salvation. The Scriptures clearly state that Jesus will come again (Revelation 22:12) and our eternal destination is determined by our response to Jesus Christ.
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