We are passionate about seeing people grow in their faith at Center City Church. One of the best ways to continue to mature in your relationship with Christ is to develop the discipline of reading. Here’s a few authors and books that we’d recommend:

NT Wright

One of the world’s leading biblical scholars. Wright has a great blend of deep writing, yet accessible to almost anyone that is hungry to learn. If you’re looking for a great devotional, Wright has developed a series called For Everyone. This is a great place to start.

 NT Wright On Amazon


Leonard Sweet

Len is an out-of-the-box thinker, with focus on where things are headed in the future of our faith communities, like in his new book From Tablet To Table. He is deeply committed to sharing the story of Jesus is tangible ways that are memorable and meaningful.

 Leonard Sweet On Amazon


Mark Batterson

Mark has great content for people that are looking to take practical steps in their faith. If you are exploring how God might be able to use you, Mark’s writings – like his book on prayer, The Circle Maker, – are a great place to explore.

 Mark Batterson On Amazon


Dallas Willard

The Divine Conspiracy is one of the greatest glimpses at Jesus’ sermon on the mount. A trusted author that gave his life to shepherding a worldwide community through is writings.

 Dallas Willard On Amazon


Richard Foster

His book, Celebration of Discipline, has had a profound impact on our church family. This is only one of many great books that are in his bibliography of works.

 Richard Foster On Amazon